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eyewear design for meganeya strike

august 2020

eyewear design for meganeya strike: Projects
IMG_2549 2_edited.jpg

Meganeya strike is an eyewear shop in Kobe city. All their glasses are handmade. 
In this design, we aimed to design an eyeglass that contrasts with the face unlike the usual eyeglasses which blends to the face. Thus, our starting point was the cat eyeglasses. Usually, the image of the cat eyeglasses is for strict people like teachers or businesswomen, but we wanted to change its impression for a playful, pop-like image.

eyewear design for meganeya strike: Welcome
IMG_2536 2-2_edited.jpg

Firstly, upper line of the front part started from a curve to a straight line formed for the supple cat eye impression. As a material, clear acrylic was chosen to the give the effect of a floating frame, as if it was not existing, in contrast to that, the frame was designed with a bold size. With that contrast we aimed to have a playful feeling to attract the attention of the viewers, making them turn around and look again with an interest to this object.

eyewear design for meganeya strike: Welcome

On the temples, in contrast to the front part, dark purple color and a bold form chosen. While looking from sides, it gives an illusion to gather attention to the temples and weakens the absence of the clear front part. adding simple overlapping geometric forms only to the right temples gives an asymmetry and attracts attention to the object again.

eyewear design for meganeya strike: Welcome

You can see the design and production process in this video.

eyewear design for meganeya strike: Video

Our design has appeared on NHK.

eyewear design for meganeya strike: About
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